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The demonic first page

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Thu, 17th Dec 3:49 PM, 2020 in Chapter 2
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The demonic first page
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Author Notes:

Espeon Person Thu, 17th Dec 3:49 PM, 2020 edit delete
Espeon Person
Yeah, I reread this comic and... it sucks... (< n < ; )

When I reboot it, I’m DEFINITELY changing the profile and banner pictures...

A(mostly) complete list of the changes are/will be:
-removing the other comics at the bottom, they just get in the way
-getting rid of the “working on page ‘_____’,” it just gets in the way too
-All-new plot and stuff
-possibly a new website, since I bet lots of people blocked this comic since the avatar is really old and bad
-Updated cast page and stuff
-maybe more things I didn’t think of

Oh, hi!